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From the creators of the Painstation — the multiplayer arcade cabinet that delivers heat, shocks, and a wire whip as you lose a point in Pong (video preview here) — //////////fur////’s MoshPit Amp, which admittedly isn’t much of a game, per se, but should be.

fur explains:

You simply approach the MoshPit to activate the amp. The music will instantly begin and lights will create a stagelike setting. If you are a true metalhead you can’t resist and will start headbanging – and the music will instantly turn up. As you mosh on, you can change the individual volume levels of the four instruments through your headbanging style and intensity.

You can see how far you have pushed the level of each instrument on the four MoshMeters. Mosh the volume of one or more channels to the max, and you can trigger new musical patterns like another guitar riff, diabolic vocals or a different drum track. If you mosh really hard you can unlock a guitar solo supported by light effects, smoke and pyrotechnics.

There are four MoshMeters, one for each of the four instruments, and if you look really close at them you can see that this amp goes to eleven.

Double Fine — I’m almost positive there’s crossover peripheral potential here.

MoshPit: Metal Head Orgasmatron, 2009 [//////////fur////]

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