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As you might’ve gathered over the past six months, I’m not normally one to jump on any old rumor, mockup, or grainy video oddity, even in the name of curiousity. Take that as you will as I post the video above, which — until Sony officially announce it themselves — I won’t say is 100 percent legitimate, but suffice it to say jives with everything I know about the game so far.

Team ICO’s Project Trico HD Trailer [PlayStation LifeStyle]

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  1. What a day, Fathom and Trico! I was reminded so much of Shadow of the Colossus from the ending of Fathom.

    Shadow of the Colossus is the only game I’ve replayed over two times (total of eight times and I still have urges to play). Thank you for making my day.

  2. Wow. That looks REALLY cool. Being a huge fan of both Ico and Wander, I’ll definitely be waiting for more info on this game. This is far cooler than the multiplayer Shadow of the Colossus that rumored a few years back.

  3. Rob Beschizza

    Just amazing. I’ve been looking forward to this for ages: its release is my “Buy a PS3” trigger.

  4. It looks great, but the idea just seems a little … derivative … which makes me suspicious. “We’ll do Ico again, but instead of Yorda we’ll have a Colossus you climb on! Only we’ll make it a cute puppy Colossus!”

    This is more like what I imagine a Sony exec would pitch to the Ico team, than what they’d come up with themselves. Or am I holding them [and implicitly Sony] to too high a standard?

    On the other hand, it seems like awfully good rendering for a fan-made fake.

  5. Oh my GOODNESS, this looks amazing. I’ve watched it like five times… I think I’ll go cry now.


  6. The team is on the record saying it’s going to be a lot like Ico — disclaiming surprises, managing expectations.

    But has Team Ico ever shown us happiness before?

  7. Inverse Square

    This is the most wonderful trailer I’ve ever seen. I’m usually against trying to squeeze important gameplay into a short video – but this does it differently. I don’t know about everyone else, but I can see possibilities panning out in every direction. You must manuver your powerful friend through the environments, with interesting puzzles about space worked in. And while he must protect you from danger, he will be dependant on you for small spaces.

    This is better than Ico. How hard is it to make an emotional connection with a damsel-in-distress? And it’s better than SotC – how hard is it to present a hulking monster as something you must kill? This is power. I look forward to falling in love with this game.

  8. @sneJ: It is derivative, but not like you described. It’s the complete opposite of ICO because the creature is the one doing the puzzle solving — it’s your job to cooperate and understand what it’s asking from you.

    You have to expect strong similarities to his past games from Ueda since, very much in the spirit of Miyamoto, he’s iterating on the same underlying game concept in order to make it perfect. I certainly don’t see an exec’s influence in this.

  9. I’m so incredibly stoked, although it does kind of suck to see some of the graphical elements unfinished.

  10. The question, in these days of cinematic game trailers which use hand-tuned motion scripts, is how much playing the game actually resembles the trailer.

  11. EscapingTheTrunk

    What InverseSquare said. This franchise has always brought the heart and mind together for gaming in new ways, and I can’t wait to see where it goes, this time.

  12. elliot winner

    Is it strange that this almost made me cry? That creature is just too darn cute.

  13. Inverse Square

    Ok, I’m going to say it: I shed a tear. No, seriously. I have rather watery eyes, but this was a sincere tear.

    I’ve seen a lot of… cool trailers in my time. Ones that made me want to buy the game because they looked good. But the thought of this game, and this first sight… it’s compelling enough on its own. I think poster number 11 is jumping to conclusions about the gameplay, and using rather disingenuous language as they do so.

    Yeah, I also don’t have a PS3. Guess this is going to change…

  14. It looks ace, and is already tugging on my heart strings. But I can’t help myself from thinking of Tomb Raider Underworld whenever I see that jungle ruin style environment. I’m done with that as a setting right now.

  15. It’s fairly common to reuse existing models to create a ‘pitch’ for the new game. So it’s understandable that the new element (the gryphon) would be both very like a colossus and a little rough in the texture department.

    Just look at the teaser footage for Ico and Colossus and compare that awesome that resulted.

    “Nico” tech demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeBpRiWGdWg

  16. Honestly, I found the music and the hand-held camera way too sentimental.

    …but Ueda’s name is one I trust more than any other in gaming, just about, and I stand by those who say that his name is enough to warrant buying a PS3.

    The way I’m looking at it: Ico perfected the escort mission, and SotC perfected the big-monster-battle, both of which have been done in games very many times, but never quite worked. “Trico” looks like it might be perfecting another oft-attempted game element, the companion element. (how often have we been promised excellent AI and amazing teamwork from our NPC allies, only to have them running into walls and letting themselves get killed?)

  17. This is obviously the real clip. Just the fact that it has the chain from the job posting alone, much less and entirely consistent style repeated from the other two games. This is real, you don’t need to wait for a confirmation from Sony. They’ll probably keep quiet about it until E3 anyway.

  18. i think this is beautiful.

    its not derivative to copy yourself, at least not in a pejorative sense.
    It’s something artists have to do, to continue exploring the possibilities of their ideas.

    everything ueda does is magic

  19. Games shmames, these guys should make films. How many yuppie fodder films like Cars are they going to crank out when we really want interesting, moving things like this! Remember Dark Crystal? More of that!
    But yes, what a cool game!

    It’s funny how Offworld never has any comments ( for some reason) but this one has almost 30!

  20. #27/Overunger: Most of the Offworld posts don’t draw much more reaction than “OK, that looks nice”. This one’s up in the “wow” range.

    Puppy! Huge critter with beak and wings and claws, but still: Puppy! Part of that is the wide-eyed neotenic look, but a lot of it is coming straight from the motion scripts. The rendering is gorgeous, but more importantly someone did a darned good job of thinking about how the critter would move and behave… and they seem to have incorporated the “living creatures move a little even when they’re resting” idea to help keep it believable.

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