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I did my damndest to capture Noby Noby GIRL’s triumphant march to Mars via in-game video (you only get the one chance to see the victory-wrap), but my attempts were stymied by the video capability not going live until you actually exit your house.

Accept, then, this commemorative photo above as proof of Noby‘s ongoing popularity, even if Takahashi and co. are pulling out every trick in the book to lessen the dead time between planets, from the upcoming iPhone version, to the SynchroBOY trick which lets single players control multiple boys at a time, to the recent Lucky Week promotion, which saw submitted lengths randomly given various multipliers, which happened to be the final straw that pushed GIRL to her goal.

So what’s life actually like on the red planet? Much the same, so far, though with the addition of new martian inhabitants, obviously, and, more intriguingly, the super-sized royalty unlocked when we reached the moon now making the rounds (on my back, as above).

I wolfram’d (are we allowed to say that yet?) the distance from Mars to Jupiter, GIRL’s next step, which gave me an AU distance over double that from Earth to Mars, meaning, I suppose, that we should expect — barring more of Namco’s divine intervention — at least another 6-7 months before we see the Jovian giant even starting to come into view.

o–o [Namco]

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