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Japan’s finest chiptune label (and accompanying 8-bit news network), VORC, has written in with word of their latest collection, 8-BIT PROPHET: a tribute to Japanese 80’s “techno-pop”/new wave band TM Network, with a particular twist: rather than instrumental covers, all vocals on the album have been produced using Yamaha’s singing speech-synth Vocaloid.

As noted earlier, Vocaloid’s spawned its own personified singing idol named Hatsune Miku, made famous by endless versions of popular songs spread on Japan’s YouTube equivalent, NicoNicoDouga (hear her version of Portal’s ‘Still Alive’, though her pronunciation’s obviously a bit stilted in English), and the combined style of her signature sound with 8-bit backing is actually not a half-step off of YMCK‘s own happy low-bit pop.

The album will be out June 3rd, with Posca handling the CDs and hearjapan handling worldwide digital distribution: they’ve currently got a two-song sampler available now.

While you’re visiting VORC, also see: their Squarewave Surfers compilation, with 8-bit musicians worldwide covering songs like Tequila and Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (!), and Holy 8bit Night+, which gives Octoroc’s 8-bit Jesus a serious run for its holiday money.

「8-BIT PROPHET – TM Network Tribute Generated by Chiptune + Vocaloid」 [VORC Records, MySpace, YouTube]

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