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If you’ve been following Offworld for any amount of time, you’re probably well familiar with Steph Thirion’s iPhone debut, Eliss, one of my first (and, alongside Drop7, still most fervent) recommendations for the platform — especially now in its kinder, gentler state.

As Thirion himself will admit, though, it’s not the easiest game idea to get across in words, images, or even video (above) alone: it’s something that you really have to touch for yourself. And so: he’s just sent on word that a Lite version has just made its debut in the App Store (iTunes link) that’ll give you the first three sectors of the game, so you can see for yourself why it set my heart all a-flutter way back when.

Eliss home [Lite version App Store link, Full version App Store link, Cloud Fields]


  1. It’s kind of odd how there’s an overabundance of coverage of iPhone games here, even though iPhones still represent an infinitesimally small portion, both per capita and monetarily, of the gaming world.

    Is there just that much more interesting stuff going on for the iPhone, or is it just hype?

  2. @2 Little of both I think. There’s a (mis)conception that there’s gold in them thar iPhone hills, so a lot of independent games that might have been free or sold via Paypal end up in the Apps store instead. Some of them do make use of the iPhone’s unique features (multi-touch, accelerometers, etc.).

  3. Brandon Boyer

    After you mentioned this, I thought I’d actually take a look and see how my coverage was breaking down platform-wise. Certainly I felt like I might be skewing toward iPhone, too — it’s easily where I do most of my gaming, by nature of it being constantly at my side — but, by category, it’s very much not.

    In fact, by number of posts, it’s on the low end, with the Wii just scraping in after it, followed by the DS and PSP. PC coverage (to even my surprise) comes out on top (thanks to the indies), followed by Xbox 360, then PS3 (if LittleBigPlanet was its own category this would be different), then the iPhone.

    What it is (and what is probably its most irresistible draw to me) is a frontier, and a place where someone needs to be keeping a sharp eye on developments, doubly so for the sake of people trying to do interesting and honest and artistic things in a vast sea of the above cynical goldrush cash-ins.

    But don’t underestimate the per capita: off rough estimates (Apple’s WWDC’s 40 million claim) there are more iPhones and iPod Touches in peoples’ hands than there are either worldwide Xbox 360s and PS3s, and it’s topped only by PSPs and Wiis by another 10m (the DS leaves everything else in the dust). Add to that that games continue to be the most populated and purchased category, and it’s probably arguable that I’m under-covering the iPhone (something I plan to fix today).

  4. Is there really not as large a proportion of iPhone coverage here as it seemed to me?

    I guess the iPhone articles have just stuck in my memory more than the others, then. That implies that maybe there’s just a fair amount of interesting stuff going on there.