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In the second Offworld Gallery for the day, we look at the games-inspired pieces by Melbourne artist Ghostpatrol. Above and below are two of his most recent works, from a series called “me playing the video games that changed my life”, both fantastically fragile and delicately rendered — a trait, it turns out that carries through all of his pieces.


Below the fold you’ll find the rest of the “changed my life” series, and a selection of older, Mario, Mega Man and Zelda-inspired pieces from the past several years, all used with permission of the artist and taken from the Ghostpatrol website, where you’ll find even more pop-culture related pieces, including more or less the most adorable He-Men and Skeletors outside of DoubleFine artist Scott C’s own collection.

“double mario”
“double mario double mario”
“link triforce toasting”
“mega man”
“megaman nose pick”
“super mario balloon ride”
“zelda cooks marshmallow for owl youngling”
“zelda offering”

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  1. to be honest I am tired of seeing this 2nd grade illustration trend continue. I would really love SOMEONE out there to actually put a few hours into their drawings instead of this design-student-that-can’t-draw hipster nonsense that is taking over this and and just about every other inspiration site…but meh, I like nintendo like everyone else, so I guess that is something.

  2. Cluis, go for it mate, nobody is stopping you.

    p.s who are you to say what constitutes the ability to draw or not? A random guy whining on the internet? But of course you are.

    As to ghost patrol’s work, in my opinion it’s lovely lovely lovely.

  3. Good point! I guess comment actually translates to unqualified adoration. Please thrill me with your acumen in the artistic form, Why is this work, as you have called it “lovely lovely lovely”. Not trying to flame here I am just saying there is a lot of this particular vein of art out there, and I am sure the artist has talent enough to create something not only more unique, but better executed as well.

  4. Sorry I re-read my post and I came off as a bit of a jackass. My point was more that there’s a lot of whining on the internet by john .q random dude and I too am sick of this, just as I presume you are tired of this style of work.

    But to address your point:

    His work is lovely lovely lovely because it nicely leverages nostalgia, and evokes a time in my life that I’m (and many others are) particularly fond of. It’s nice because it’s nicely composed graphically and suggests the videogame canon which we all love but also adds it’s own layer of character and softness. The line work is beautiful and delicate. Ghostpatrol puts his own style and meaning into the art and it evokes a time, and a place.

    Ghost patrol’s work well executed and interestingly presented in a variety of media, gouache, pen & ink, screenprinted, sculpture (hand sewn). So I would argue the work has technical merit well and truly beyond what you’re giving him credit for.

    Speaking personally, I studied at art school and can draw and paint realistically but it really doesn’t excite me as an artist so I choose not to work in that way. It bores me. That’s an entirely valid way of working and I don’t know what baseline level of skill he may or may not have, but being able to paint realistically or invest masses of time into work has very little to do with creating great or meaningful artwork. The execution is the choice of the artist, not the audience. You’re entitled to your response but I’m also entitled to be underwhelmed by your argument.

    However pointed and rude it was, I think my original response gets to the point of it, if you think there’s a huge gap here then you’re welcome to fill it with amazing painterly work if that’s what you want to do, but I don’t think it’s a very interesting criticism to simply say you’ve seen this before and therefore it’s all so terribly tiresome.

    There is beautiful craft here, I just think you don’t identify with the aesthetic. It doesn’t mean that the folk who do like it are simply interested in a hipster veneer of the artwork and haven’t engaged with it in a meaningful way either. We all just have differing tastes.

  5. Meanwhile, all I have to say about it is that its simplicity is symbolic of the nostalgia itself. It’s simple because the games themselves were played during childhood, and so the art reflects the state of thought there.

  6. If you would like to see some of his different (possibly you’ll consider if ‘better executed’) work you could check out some of this guys street art which adorns many a Melbourne streets.

    Another game inspired piece.

    Flickr search for “Ghost Patrol” “Street Art”.

    I for one adore the stuff he does in the streets, some of his sketches I love, some I’m less keen on.

    The pencil works are amazing though (the ones with the carved pencils as his canvas).

  7. The only thing I’d say is to rename the Zelda related pieces as it’s actually Link not princess Zelda that appears in those ones. Sorry to be a nerd but great work =)

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