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Here’s one way to see a whole morning suddenly slip away: first, discover that Brutal Legend developer Double Fine have opened the Psycho-pedia, a clearinghouse of information on their debut game Psychonauts.

Then, methodically work your way through each and every single page gawping at the wicked concept art within and watching MTV2 interstitial videos and an hour-long special on the company.

Finally, realize that even though you own the disc, it might be time to re-buy the digital download and play it all over again (still trembling with acid flashbacks of the hours it took you to get past that circus bit with the kid’s “BUN BUN BUNNY” shouts echoing in your back-brain [but it was worth it in the end]).

The Psycho-pedia [Double Fine]

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  1. Love this game, absolutely love it. Am about halfway through the xbox originals copy I bought on my 360. More games need to be this purely entertaining.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the videos. Just watched the G4 special. Check the link though, it actually points to the MTV Sharts.


  2. I was thinking about rebuying it on steam for connivence’s sake. Is doublefine strapped for cash? I still remember paying full retail for this game which is the only reason I have not done that.

  3. Ya Psychonauts had everything – story, gameplay, ambiance. Loved it, if a bit weirded out at times.

    Frankly, I’d love to see a ‘sequel’ (or similarly creative new ip) done episodic like so: each “brain world” is an episode, with the hub world like MMO-lite. This design could be almost infinitely extendable — maybe with user-created levels even!

    On a technical forum-related note, I surf from bed on my wii since I am gimpy, and not only would the forum’s “more posts” cause the poor little thing a flash-overload crash if it worked, but as it is it only loads the text of the first article. If possible, it would be nice to have a year/month/day direct access for those in my boat or trying to catch up chronologically. Feel free to trim off this paragraph, and TIA for anything you can do.

  4. If there’s a Psychonauts sequel before there’s a Grim Fandango sequel, a pox on Tim Schaefer (and/or LucasArts).

  5. @5 The chances of a Grim Fandango sequel are so low that I’m willing to be it’ll never happen. LucasArts owns the rights to the property and, given their recent track record, are unlikely to either let it go or make a sequel to it let alone their more popular adventure games (Monkey Island, Sam & Max). Steve Purcell created Sam & Max before coming to LucasArts so he was able to retain the rights to those characters.

    In short, take what you can get.

  6. @5 grimc: If Lucasarts made a sequel to Grim Fandango, it’d probably be a FPS or such advertised as a (monster truck voice) “BONE ripping trip into the Day of the DEAD” I’d much rather see a new adventure property from Tim Schafer. That said, I doubt another adventure from him will ever happen–I’m just glad he is still making amazing games–I can’t even describe how excited I am about BrĂ¼tal Legend.

    Grim Fandango should be released on the Wii though–it’d be a perfect fit for the nunchuk + remote and would let a new generation of gamers bask in its glory (and besides, the keyboard control was always the only low point of GF for me). It is the Casablanca of games.

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