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Shortly after basically entirely redefining what “a success on Kickstarter” looks like, Double Fine have just announced a brand new campaign to publicly fund the next round of Amnesia Fortnight games, the long-running process where all Double Fine devs shuffle around into new teams and take two weeks to prototype new ideas.

It’s the process that would spawn Costume Quest, Stacking and the Sesame Street licensed Kinect game Once Upon A Monster, and, for the first time, they’re letting the public in to guide the process. By visiting the just launched Amnesia Fortnight page, you can watch over twenty short and extremely broad pitch videos, which, by donating any amount, you can then vote on, to whittle the selection down to just four.

When those four have been chosen, 2 Player Productions, the same video house that have been doing an amazing job of documenting the Double Fine Adventure process, will be filming daily updates of the progress of all the games, and Double Fine will deliver the final prototypes to all backers at the end of the campaign.

Everyone who donates also gets two prototypes from earlier Fortnights: the original Costume Quest demo, as well as Happy Song, the game that would become Once Upon A Monster. Visit the Amnesia Fortnight site to learn more and to help kick off the process.


  1. Yes! YES! YEEESSS!

    This looks bloody fantastic. I really enjoy the way Double Fine have been connecting to their fans.

    Definitely voting for Brad Muir’s game, I loved ‘Iron Brigade’ & Brad’s passion for interesting concepts.

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