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Being a double-strong supporter of basically everything Double Fine related, I was happy to see this morning that the Brütal Legend developer has just released its original Psychonauts soundtracks to essentially every digital music retailer on the face of the earth. But let Double Fine head Tim Schafer do the explaining in his own inimitable fashion:

Sure, you already own the Psychonauts Soundtrack and also the Original Cinematic Score… But you have them on deadly plastic discs that spin at dangerous speeds and must be read with eye-burning lasers. What were you thinking??

For your own safety I insist that you purchase a new, safer, ELECTRONIC copy of the soundtrack, from one of these reputable cyber-vendors. That’s right, Psychonauts is EVERY-EFFING-WHERE! You thought you were done buying it but now you must buy it again! And again! (Or, if you don’t want to buy it again, at least go there and give it a five-star rating!)

Quickly, before your eardrums calcify and your retinas detach and all of the other horrible things that happen to mortals.

Let me take you away from all this Death [Double Fine]

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