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My gut’s quite certain that, looking back some years on, 2009 will be the year chiptunes broke as big as they’re probably ever going to break, thanks in no small part to the 8-bit Weezer album, the newly announced Beatles cover album, and the various other projects on the side.

Though it’s still quite hard to keep abreast of all of the developments in the chipscene without dedicating yourself to it entirely, 2 Player Productions and 8bitpeoples’ just-released two-disc compilation album bringing together 32 live acts from BlipFest 2008 is probably the best catalog of all the current top acts in their native setting — surrounded by an adoring crowd (as you’ve seen from the frequent BlipFest videos featured here).

For the long time listeners, your favorite artists will probably remain your favorite artists (my choices for compilation toppers: Unicorn Dream Attack, Minusbaby, Nordloef and Anamanaguchi), but for newcomers, there’s a lot to discover here: find the double album at the 8bitpeoples store.


At the same time, festival organizers have announced the first information about the next Blip Festival, which will be coming to Brooklyn’s Bell House on December 17th through the 19th.

No acts have yet been revealed for the latest Fest, but tickets are due to go on sale next Monday the 28th, so expect much more specifics by then.

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  1. I am so upset that they scheduled it for the days I’m probably going to have exams :( I really hope there’s a hole somewhere in there that I can sneak down to the city on, but damn. :(

  2. Oh I dunno, I’ve had years that felt bigger and I’ve had years that felt leaner regarding chiptune. As someone who does follow choons (and blogs it for others who don’t have the time PLUG PLUG) I get the sense that none of the big hitters really care about how big things are.

    Me personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing people dig songs that WEREN’T covers and write ups that didnt mention mario, raves, or nostalgia but predicting that 2009 is the crest of the wave feels far too premature at this point.

    BIIARU- The dates were chosen in response to all the complaints for all the other schools that had finals the first week of December. The clear answer is you must drop out.

  3. Peter: I actually thought about linking TCTD via those words — I may go ahead and do that now. And while I agree that I’d like to see wider acceptance for scene releases that didn’t have a ‘novelty’ hook, I have found (even if just anecdotally) that this was the year that I talked to more people excited about listening to chip music that otherwise wouldn’t know a nanoloop from a micromusic from Adam, and feel like the cover albums have pushed the scene out to a wider audience than even McLaren declaring he’d discovered a new sound howevermany years back.

  4. I agree with that this year has had far less time explain what chipmusic IS when talking about what I do than ever before :D

  5. Another CD to add to my *WANTS* list. I’m not sure 2009 will be the crest of the wave, but with 80s/SID/minimal sounds making a comeback I think it could be the beginning of Chiptunes move into the mainsteam.