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Continuing on from my last post on why I’ve decided to spend October 1st through 4th at Indiecade, and expect you should as well, conference organizers have revealed more of what to expect from the four days, including highlights of its keynote from none less than former Maxis head Will Wright.

Wright, you’ll remember, recently departed the company to head his long-time incubator side-project the Stupid Fun Club, and — given Day 2’s theme of “art and innovation” — Wright will be focusing on what he’s cooking up in the Fun Club.

Apart from Wright, day two will also see talks from Avaloop, the indie virtual world company behind their “self-expression, communication, environmental awareness” focused Papermint, Arts Game Innovation Lab director Tracy Fullerton on working with video artist Bill Viola on The Night Journey, an iPhone panel by the RadioFlare, Ruben and Lullaby, and Eliss teams, and Uncharted designer Richard Lemarchand talking with Giant Sparrow designer Ian Dallas, creator of void-painting game The Unfinished Swan.


Indiecade has also sent Offworld more information on the Day One conversation between Katamari Damacy‘s Keita Takahashi, Flower‘s Jenova Chen and thatgamecompany’s Robin Hunicke, who have clarified that their talk will be a brainstorming session on “Fresh Ideas for First and Third-Person Shooters”. Takahashi will discuss his theoretical FPS/TPS “where characters grow as they succeed,” Chen will “brainstorm ways to make an FPS/TPS where the players have to be nice to each other,” and Hunicke will talk about her own game where “shooting created things instead of destroying them.”

The full conference schedule has been posted to the Indiecade site, which will also see Sunday sessions themed around “opportunities for aspiring young gamers, including a special workshop on colleges and universities that offer degrees in gaming, and a special pitch session where young designers can get feedback on their game ideas, as well as a series of sessions dedicated to adults interested in entering the game industry. Sunday’s program will include a premiere of a soon-to-be-published indie game.”

I’ll do a final post wrapping up all the games to be exhibited at Indiecade in the very near future, and might have more surprises in store, as well.

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