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Not officially part of the Fantastic Arcade selection, but already one of the games I’m most excited to see here this year, visiting developer Fernando Ramallo has just announced Panoramical, a new “musical landscape” created in conjunction with David Kanaga, the composer behind Ed Key’s Proteus and PS3 puzzle-racer Dyad.

Interestingly, rather than traditional keyboard or game-controller inputs, Panoramical is manipulated with the knobs & sliders of a standard MIDI controller (Ramallo’s announcement post shows the Korg nanoKONTROL above) — quite possibly in answer to the tweet below from this past spring, from UK indie Stephen ‘Increpare‘ Lavelle.

To better acquaint yourself with Ramallo’s work, I highly suggest having a look at You Must Hold On To Your Mother’s Hand, a brief but genuinely unsettling first-person game created a few months back for the “Peter Molydeux”-inspired MolyJam.

The game will officially be debuting, says Ramallo, at this year’s Indiecade, but I’ll hopefully have cornered the creators into giving me a private show as soon as humanly possible. [via Fernando makes games]

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  1. Yeah, I talked to David after this went up and it sounded like the inspiration actually originally came from you! Hopefully will tease more of the story out of this, cos I’m insanely excited to put my hands all over it.

  2. Few months ago at #londonindies we brainstormed hundreds of games to be played with MIDI controllers. Awesome to see some games using them and always good to hear more of David’s music.

  3. I play a ton of games using MIDI controllers through the use of GlovePie and mjoy. Mainly because my gaming PC is also my audio workstation, and most of my MIDI gear has X/Y controls, so it makes sense. Awesome to see a game actually designed to for these inputs.

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