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Totally taken with this new, hour-long mixtape produced by Dyad, Panoramical and Proteus composer David Kanaga in advance of his live-performance of the latter with designer Ed Key (featured here just a short while back) at GameCity7.

It’s a nicely tuned blend of jazz/folk/piano/electronic, with just enough of Kanaga’s own material for Proteus (some of which, says Key, is sampled from the mixtape’s tracks) that it gives the awesome effect of lazing with a disc-man under one of the game’s low-bit trees, with cheap enough headphones that the ambient sound of the in-game world occasionally bleeds through and fades away.

[mejsaudio src=”″]

You can stream the whole thing above, or download it via this new post by Key on the Proteus Live event itself, about which he adds, intriguingly, that the god-like manual controls that helped sculpt the hour-long experience will likely come to the final released version of the game, creating a multiplayer experience where “one person could play on mouse or joypad, whilst someone else controlled the environment via the keyboard.”

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