Brandon Boyer

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Toronto’s TIFF Nexus has just put together this very nice video on the past Spring’s Comics Vs Games jam, an initiative headed by Spooky Squid founder & Hand Eye Society member Miguel Sternberg, which paired five comic artists with five indie devs to create five new games, which were then displayed around the city during comics festival TCAF and the TIFF film festival proper.

The five games created were Andy Belanger and Sternberg’s Black Church Brigandage, Jamie Fristrom & Steve Manale’s We’re No Angels, Kyla Vanderklugt & Christine Love’s The Mysterious Aphroditus, Damian Sommer & Emily Carroll’s The Yawhg and Farbs & John Martz’s Cumulo Nimblers.

Of the five, only Nimblers (above) has yet to be made available for public release, which you can get (and see more about the development of) courtesy Farbs’ site here.

The Hand Eye Society and particularly the recent efforts of the TIFF Nexus (which also include Hand Eye-related initiatives like the Difference Engine, widening the community of women making games) have been hugely influential on what we’re attempting to do in Austin with JUEGOS RANCHEROS, so more successes like this are always quite heartening. [via John Martz]