Brandon Boyer

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Supermono Studios — the studio behind the Rexbox-illustrated task-manager iPhone app Epic Win & PSP/mobile dogfighter Minisquadron — have very quietly teased the first details of their latest game, Rescue Rush, an arcade maze game that uses real-world GPS data to generate levels based on your current location.

At least, that’s as best as I can tell: the game, another experiment in free-to-play following their super stylized racer Forever Drive, most interestingly appears to have been designed to take map data and transform it with a fresh coat of cutely angular illustration, where most GPS games have traditionally simply overlaid sprites and effects on top of a given device’s standard display. See, for example, the real map of downtown Reykjavík above, compared to the in-game representation at top.

Supermono also appear to be attempting to solve other GPS game problems, chiefly, that humans more or less are stuck in the same geographical location most always, by unlocking portals which allow the player to “jump to different continents… freeing animals that are native to different parts of the Earth” & “visit a number of instantly recognisable international landmarks from the Taj Mahal to the Empire State Building”.

A video & more details are promised soon, for now visit their forum thread to see more mockup screenshots. [via Supermono]