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Finally it can be told: I’m super pleased to announce that one of the many new additions to the site I’ve been ultra-quietly toiling on over the past month is this: Venus Patrol is now the new home of GameToilet, the ultra-brilliant games comic series from artist & game dev Jerry ‘King Baggot‘ Carpenter.

For the past couple years, Carpenter has been concocting and scribbling down in his inimitable style as much as a new videogame idea every single day, with a total count now well past 500. They’re occasionally topical, sometimes profane, but always incredibly funny and too-clever by half, and each ache to be actually brought to life as a real, playable game.

What I love about them most, though, is that they’re all very happily hyper-aware of wider culture: Carpenter’s the only person I know who’d devote an entire week to creating Yo La Tengo-related games, or casually tossing out Tarkovsky & Gaspar Noe platformers or Michael Haneke hidden-object games or David Lynch-themed brawlers.

While the bulk of GameToilet’s move-in to its new digs is already complete, there’s still a bit of sweeping up to do. There are actual playable games like the above Inch High C.S.I. — which I had the distinct, uh… honor? of being the title-corpse for — that need to be re-embedded, and a few formatting issues that need to be sorted, as we start to roll out new semi-mostly-regular comics in the coming weeks & months.

But until then, you can flush away a few hours by wending your way back through the archives via its new permanent home at, or by theme, like his Film Games section or the aptly-titled best-of-the-best section, ‘Floaters‘. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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