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Dominique Ferland

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[Every Friday on Venus Patrol, designer Dominique ‘Dom2D‘ Ferland presents TIGSource DevLog Magazine, a visual guide to the newest & most interesting in-development games making the rounds on the invaluable TIGSource forums. Looking for inspiration, or just the very first look at the amazing games we’ll be talking about in the future? Click any image to learn more, and come back each Friday for the latest picks!]

Since 2009, TIGSource forum user St33d has been writing a pretty thorough devlog for a rogue-like platformer named Red Rogue. This week marks the end of that thread – Red Rogue is finally completed and released for everyone to play! It’s a very interesting entry in the rogue-like genre, with its mix of platforming, auto-combat, loot and traps. I’d also recommend checking out its soundtrack on Bandcamp!

There are a ton of new threads in the Devlog section this week. Let’s start with HarvestCraft, a game inspired by Harvest Moon, but with Minecraft‘s creativity aspects, all done in tiny, lovely pixel art. We’re glad to see Fez composer Disasterpeace join the devlog threads with January, a music generation game/tool involving snowflake-licking he’s been working on for a while now. Then there’s Reich, a turn-based strategy game in which you play the axis’ side of World War II – risqué, but quite interesting!