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Brandon Boyer

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Suddenly actually probably the Wii U launch title I’m looking forward to the most, Nintendo’s latest communique on the system’s lineup through next year included one extra exciting entry: Little Inferno the debut game from Tomorrow Corporation.

Tomorrow Corporation themselves are an all-star team of World of Goo creator Kyle Gabler, Henry Hatsworth designer Kyle Gray and Allan Blomquist, former EA dev and — with Gabler & Gray — the co-founder of Carnegie Mellon’s Experimental Gameplay Project, the student group from which Goo sprang, and the re-launch of which would spawn Adam Saltsman’s Canabalt.

While the Corp have been coy since their inception on what exactly Inferno will entail, it’s safe to assume from the trailer above (and from what little snippets I’ve heard through various grapevines) that the game will concern the burning of various items, perhaps in some Noby Noby Boy-esque passively-multiplayer effort to save the world from a new ice age?

Either way, the launch will successfully bring one of latter-day-Offworld’s burning mysteries, and those interested in finding out can do so even earlier by pre-ordering a copy of the game for Windows/Mac/Linux, where the Corporation are offering beta-access to the game, which is due to release on those platforms alongside the Wii U version. Visit the Corporation to learn more. [via Tomorrow Corporation]