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[Fridays on Venus Patrol are developer Andrea ‘Bandreus‘ Portale’s day to present TIGSource DevLog Magazine, a visual guide to the newest & most interesting in-development games making the rounds on the invaluable TIGSource forums. Looking for inspiration, or just the very first look at the amazing games we’ll be talking about in the future? Click any image to learn more, and come back on Fridays for the latest picks!]

With the amount of projects being discussed weekly on TIGSource and only limited space at my disposal, it often happens that a number of genuinely interesting devlogs don’t get a spot in this magazine, including games which have been previously been featured well over a year ago but are still in active development! To help at least partially remedy that, this week we’re bringing back a few of those: Somewhere, Elliot Quest, Master Spy and Son of Nor.

But also especially noteworthy is NAVE. The folks at Video Gamo have been touring every corner of Argentina with their awesome custom-built cabinet for the past year, and are now looking into crossing the border with the cabinet. The plan is to possibly bring it to next year’s GDC, though they can’t make it without other people’s help. Here’s wishing them the best!

Be sure to check back next Friday for more: with PAX East just around the corner, we’ll be using the opportunity to showcase some of the games that’ll be showing up in Boston next weekend!