Easily the most — let’s say misunderstood — game currently available on Xbox Live, Space Giraffe has also proved one of the most divisive, garnering both a dogpile of negative reviews on its release and later high praise and a cheeky comparison to James Joyce’s Ulysses by no less than Braid creator Jon Blow. (It also is the first and happy recipient of the Offworld Award for Video Games’ Best Use of Number Stations, for its fantastic opening menu.)


Brandon Boyer

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Though creator Jeff Minter — the very definition of cult figure across Europe for his decades of psychadelia and ungulato-philia inspired games — publicly cried foul as sales figures stagnated, Llamasoft developer Giles has announced that work is nearly wrapped on the PC version of the game, adding that it’s now been slightly retooled for those who found the original’s rainbow drips just a bit overwhelming. Says Giles of the contents of the new version:

Space Giraffe exactly as you seen it on the 360 PLUS an “expansion pack” with 100 NEW levels that “no one else has seen before”, some of them could be a bit more “vanilla” for those that found the SG original graphics maybe a bit “too blasting for their own taste” we wish this time to really manage to pleasure more and less psychedelic users :)


Meanwhile, for those of us who do like our games as eye-searingly hallucinogenic as possible, the ‘softies have also quietly announced that an updated version of their Xbox 360 music visualizer Nuon will be used for the forthcoming Xbox Live Arcade port of Taito’s fantastically re-imagined Space Invaders Extreme, which we have high hopes of being a true marriage in psychotropic heaven.

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