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That collective whinny you heard earlier this morning was the sound of a thousand Llamasoft fans discovering that the PC version of Jeff Minter’s Space Giraffe had finally been released for PC, alongside a demo version you can grab here [.exe]. As mentioned before, after the resounding and baffled silence following its Xbox Live Arcade release, the ‘softies have been working overtime to make the PC version a more accessible experience.

On top of toning down the psychotropia of the Tempest-esque strategic shooter with 100 new “NUXX” levels (alongside the XBLA version’s original “acid mix” levels), over the past quarter Minter and co. have been hard at work preparing a safe-place of video walkthroughs and tutorials to help coach you into the madness.

Minter also says the PC version adds “the capability for us to make available further level packs – which can be completely new levels rather than simply remixes – should there be sufficient interest,” including “chillout level packs, ultra-intense packs, shorter game packs (maybe 20 levels instead of 100 for those who want a shorter game), special themed packs to celebrate Christmas or L. Ron Hubbard’s birthday.”

stinkygoat: finished!

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