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Hi everybody, I’m Brandon, and this is Offworld.

A little about me: I’ve worn a lot of different hats over the past several years in trying to lead my wild, pure, simple life, running an indie record label, working as an artist and programmer, and, more recently, contributing to and editing various games magazines and websites like Edge and Gamasutra.

As Offworld lifts off over the coming weeks and months, I’ll be bringing to it a focus on the overlooked, the underappreciated, the rise of the independents and, in general, the games that are bringing genuine excitement and innovation (in both gameplay and design) to the industry.

Offworld will also be home to a number of guest appearances by and regular features from people outside the games industry proper and those that have had only marginal influence but deserve more, because it’s when those influences come in that the results have been some of the most magical and memorable, from illustrator Rodney Alan Greenblat and Masaya Matsuura’s unforgettable Parappa the Rapper (the face that would launch the rhythm gaming genre proving so profitable today), to studio artist Toshio Iwai’s musical Electroplankton, to Keita Takahashi’s Katamari Damacy.

That’s not to say that Offworld won’t also be exploring and featuring gaming’s blockbusters, powerhouses and the history of its respected decades-old institutions, but in general we hope to chase away a lot of the industry’s cynicism and myopia that’s set in and bring the joy of discovery and a fresh breath of playfulness and wonder back, because we’re all in this to have fun, aren’t we?

[Laugh-Out-Loud Cats guest appearance courtesy Adam ‘Apelad’ Koford]

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  1. Hey Brandon, best of luck with this. Sounds like something this not-yet-gamer should keep an eye on…

  2. I might be more inclined to read Offworld than “Let’s see if we can break 500 posts today” Joystiq and “Let’s see how annoying our comments can be” Kotaku. Good luck. Now tell me whether I should buy Left 4 Dead.

  3. Boingboing makes a gaming blog. Can only be the best gaming blog ever. Hope you guys will be platform agnostic.

    @FRESHYILL Only buy Left 4 Dead if you got friends who are getting the game. Not as much fun playing alone or with quiet strangers.

  4. This is great news, I always loved the little amount of gaming coverage over on the gadgets blog so I’m sure I’ll continue to love it even more now that it has its own space. You can count me in as a loyal reader!

  5. Curses! There goes my plan of pitching a gaming site at the bb posse and retiring to a life of cheetoes and endless game playing. I consider BB & BBG to be my spiritual home on the internet and I’m excited to see gaming added to the mix.

    If you guys are accepting submissions I’d love to pitch a few bits of stuff at you.

  6. Awesome, I just found this because I’ve been a little busy lately.

    I love Boing Boing, and I read too many gaming blogs every day (because I’m a frakking nerd), this will be a great addition and will fill a pretty good niche.

    Good luck avoiding video gaming flame wars though, every post I read (elsewhere) is followed by a bunch of morons using the word “xbot” these days.

  7. love the site material so far. finally there is a coherent news site that features more than three cookie cutter game genres. keep it up!

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