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Indie designer Edmund McMillen, the mind behind 2004’s excellent tar-ball platformer Gish, has just shown off No Quarter, his next game coming in early 2009.

McMillen describes No Quarter as an “album” of retro inspired mashup games, with a tracklist (as seen above) which so far includes:

1.”gun” (Mario + N + Wolfenstein)
2.Trivium (Tetris + Physics)
3.”epic flail” (Missile Command + Rampage)
4.Hext (Scrabble + Hex board)
5.”tree” (Art game + Sim)
6.Odyssey (Lunar Lander + Awesome )


Since it was announced before Offworld launched, I’ll also note that McMillen has just self-released a similarly album-like retrospective of his games and comics called This is a Cry For Help, which includes versions of web games like Meat Boy, Tri-achnid, Aether and Coil, as well as unreleased bonus material from commercial games like Gish and Blast Miner.

A full contents list can be seen here, with a trailer here on YouTube. His work has a tendency toward the dark (sensitive gamers warned), but is always thoughtfully tempered, smartly done and comes highly recommended.

No Quarter [Cryptic Sea]

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