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As Jim alluded to in his most recent column, one of my favorite memories of this year’s GDC was watching both him and PC Gamer UK’s Tim Edwards trip over themselves for the words to describe exactly what they’d witnessed in seeing Eskil Steenberg painterly, user edited, generative FPS MMO Love. Words failed them then, words quickly break down into a pile of descriptors that don’t quite mesh correctly in the brain (as just then) and I think still don’t quite have the impact that they should.

But the time for words is steadily growing shorter: capping off a long reflection on controller schemes, feedback loops, and Quake‘s online multiplayer ’50 Milli Second rocket prediction,’ Steenberg has dropped a tiny grenade in our laps with this: “Next week when i get back home from LA, my first alpha will go out…” Hopefully we’ll have a few more words of our own to stumble through soon.

It started 50 milliseconds ago [Quel Solaar]

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