Brandon Boyer

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So right, that bit I said before about letting the jealousy fade might not last for long: Nintendo of Japan has announced that its DSi Ware campaign — which gives the upgraded Nintendo DS downloadable software as with WiiWare — will launch on Christmas Eve.

And if I understand the trailer correctly, and I do believe that I do, Nintendo’s holiday gift includes 1000 Points (the rough equivalent of $10) to spend on launch day, which means I’ll have just enough for the star-in-your-own-minigame Utsusu Made in Wario, and Art Style: Aquario, the first in the downloadable art-game series that extends those on WiiWare and the Game Boy Advance’s bit Generations series (and the game with the best soundtrack of the bunch).

Siliconera has collected media for all the launch titles. The DSi is expected to launch outside Japan in mid 2009.

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