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Explains TIGSource member mcc of his inventively everything-old-is-new-again PC/Mac platformer Jumpman, which is already garnering lots of “!”s from around the indie gaming niche:

The thought was to kind of take all the things that have become possible in games in the last 29 years– physics, 45 degree angles, a z axis– and bring the new technology into an early-80s-style platformer while at the same time changing the platformer’s basic nature as little as possible. The hope is to try to make you believe that every 2600-era platformer would have looked like this if only you’d pulled the camera back about 4 feet.

You might not ‘get’ it right away, but — as you literally peel back its layers and dive further into its puzzling core — you’ll know when you do.

Jumpman home [Runhello, via TIGSource forums]

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