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One of our all-time most-popular Gimme Indie Game posts was the recent mention of Andrew ‘Runhello’ McClure’s low-res/high-concept Jumpman, and with good reason. Sure, there were several who only dropped in to mention that Jumpman was the title of a widely ported original 8-bit game (a detail we’re fairly sure didn’t escape many, least of all McClure), but this Jumpman managed to charm nearly everyone with its wickedly clever puzzler heart and more obvious nostalgic appeal.

Happily, then, that won’t be the last we see of it. The Happy Medium‘s Travis Boisvenue wrote in to mention this excellent recent interview he did with McClure which reveals that McClure’s currently at work bringing the game to the iPhone, amongst other good shoutouts to Jason Rohrer and awesomely nightmarish Famicom import Bokosuka Wars.

Granted, he does mention it more as an aside, but Boisvenue also submitted a post-interview email tidbit that confirms it’s gone a bit further than just the pipe dream phase.

McClure clarifies that “the iPhone Jumpman will have to be different, but I’m still working out the details. I suspect that the level design will have to be fairly different to make sense on the smaller screen, and probably it’s going to be more focused around individual levels instead of the ‘paths’, to make pick-up-and-play easier.”

I was also pleased to see McClure name the person that did the above YouTube trailer’s lo-fi melody: Joe Mathlete of Houston’s The Mathletes, who, as a complete aside, I very well may have met at a late 90s Joan of Arc show at Chicago’s Fireside Bowl, unless there’s more than one Mathlete in this crazy world (Joe, was that you?).

Jumpman home [Runhello, news via The Happy Medium]

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