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… or is BOY just fleein’ reality, as I know he’s liable to do?

I’ve been extremely neglectful in my Noby Noby Boy duties ever since Keita Takahashi’s game fell into my patiently awaiting PS3. It’s not that I don’t have a lot to say, it’s that I don’t quite yet have the words to say it. Believe me, though, when I say that with some 130,000 meters under my belt so far, I’ve been putting a lot of time into Noby’s world.

But let me break that silence quickly for this: if you haven’t been following the daily progress happening at official game site o–o.jp, you’ve been missing out. Not only do we have the daily Today’s GIRL updates, but lately Noby BOY has started to dream.


In these dreams, other multi-colored BOYs have come to play, even though Noby BOY was offline.. in a manner (and hue) precisely like my video of Noby Noby‘s original GameCity debut. In other dreams… the sounds of castanets, maracas, triangle, and guiter [sic] have been making their way into his thoughts..

Surely it’s just a matter of when (when GIRL reaches Mars? An arbitrary GIRL length?), and I’m as happy for it to be a surprise, that continual sense of wonder (every time you travel to a new map) being one of Noby‘s most pronounced joys.

And, honestly, even if the dreams were just that, I’d almost be as satisfied just having that drawing of BOY praying for his wishes, which slays me every. single. time.

official o–o home [Namco]

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  1. I was just discussing this with some of the Area 5 TV guys, how as nice as the guitar music is in the background, it really does get a little redundant after a while. I’m looking forward to what I assume is the coming of a few new instruments… and other features as well!

  2. I’m coming to this post way late, but if you are looking for some alternate background music right now (you can just play it through the XMB in game) I must heartily suggest the Japanese-American minimalist indiepop group Lullatone (you can download a few tracks free from their site).

    I’m going to call it the long lost soundtrack for Noby Noby Boy.

  3. I showed my friends this game and they were in awe and terrified by Noby Noby Boy’s elasticity.

    Odd game, but also oddly fun.

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