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The biggest surprise from Keita Takahashi’s GDC session on Noby Noby Boy? That the team involved has just started work last week on an iPhone version that he said could possibly be given away for free.

Here’s the problem: even though players managed to get Noby Noby GIRL to the moon in the game’s first week, at the current pace of her growth, she won’t connect the entire solar system for another 820 years (“I’ll be dead by then!” he lamented).

To try and bump up those odds to at least 400 years, the iPhone version will likely connect to the same system, letting the collective stretches of a new army of many mobile Noby BOYs bring their love to GIRL as well.

I’m currently uploading video of the reveal and will update this post (and later will write up the fantastic talk in its entirety) as soon as YouTube finishes processing.

As you can see from the video above, it’s obviously currently in a pre-pre-preproduction state that simply lets you stretch the BOY and bounce him off the other letters, but his interest in the platform is one of my happiest surprises of GDC.

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