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The interesting thing about Little Wheel — the latest Flash game from heretofore essentially unknown Slovakian team OneClickDog — is just how fervent the studio is about making sure you finish their game.

Put off from point and click adventures for their 2×2 pixel hot-spot hunts? OneClickDog’s happy to encircle every possible interactive point in glowing grey. Even with that, not sure which order to click things in? Have a peek at the upper right of the screen, where they’ve got a button marked WALKTHROUGH.

But that’s not to say that there’s that much challenge there for a seasoned adventure vet, and even that’s not to say that the game is an out and out breeze.


What the game is is probably the most easily accessible and effortlessly charming little adventure since we last left off with Windosill: all drawn out in silhouette, 10,000 years after a power generator failure knocked out an entire planet of worker drones, your little accidentally awoken bot makes his way through a handful of screens to restore order.

And the best part of Little Wheel? It’s that for a hero, and even in the short amount of time it takes, he manages to make a hell of a mess along the way in cute slapstick fashion. Give the game 20 minutes of your day: that’s about all it asks, and it gives a lot back in return.

Little Wheel [OneClickDog, who apparently, one day after the game premiered, have a new adventure on the verge of launching that I now anxiously await]

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  1. Felix Mitchell

    I like the visual style a lot, but was upset at how boring and easy the game was. There’s only one part that might actually be called a puzzle.

  2. the soundtrack makes it, though. i think it really adds to the whole aesthetic. It’s not as much a game as an exploration of this robot world.

  3. A lovely game; seems there’s a slew of silhouette games coming out, what with Night Game and FEIST – might we see some sort of trend?

    On an unrelated note, wow! I’m reading Offworld with Firefox 3.5, the blur behind the links is *cool*! This is the first time I’ve seen it, when did you guys put that up?

  4. Not sure about the 20mins figure, but maybe that’s cause I just finished going back through Beneath A Steel Sky last night (in ScummVM). Looks lovely, and it’s very cute, but it’s hardly taxing (why the walkthrough, seriously?).

    Still, enough entertainment factor to take my mind off work briefly.

  5. I dig this! My girlfriend and I have been playing the myst games lately, and really enjoyed this.
    Yeah, it was way too easy. I would’ve liked more back-and-forth between scene exploration, and maybe an inventory of some kind.
    I would’ve also liked to control that little guy with my keyboard. Maybe with a jump button. He looks like he’d be fun to control through a run-and-jump style section, where you could run into things and knock them over. That, or at least more in-depth scenes that required a little jumping/knocking things over for exploration.
    Brandon, let us know the next time this studio releases something plz.

  6. I would have found this so much more rewarding and enjoyable if there were simply an option to turn off the “CLICK HERE!” cues.