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It’s been nearly 24 hours since the kickoff of Fantastic Arcade’s Adventure Time Game Making Frenzy, and so we present a quick round-up of the work-in-progress screenshots and videos that have been coming out of B.M.O., our game jam web platform. Late last night, we gave B.M.O. a global feed of all micro-updates from the developers for those that would like to follow along at home, even if you’re not taking part in the jam.

Below the fold, then, a few pictures from our local Austin Frenzy HQ, where a good crew of around 30 people have been rotating in and out in informal shifts, as well as the happily quite diverse pack of media.

The scene at Frenzy HQ, including visiting indies JW & Kitty from Vlambeer, Terry Cavanagh & Rob Lach.

Progress shots from JW & Kitty’s Adventure Minute, with newly added beach-side crabs.

A stretchy video-update from Tom ‘Pentadact‘ Francis, creator of the fantastic upcoming action-stealth game Gunpoint.

An early but already smart-looking isometric Jake, from Aristomatic.

A suspiciously ‘noir’ish BMO from Kiey.

The groundwork for Myceliumworks’ Adventure Tactics.

Polygoblin‘s tiltable Finn-ball.

The title-screen to Game Frenzy co-organizer Wiley WigginsPrincess Text Fighter Turbo.

Chris Toledo‘s meditative Clear Your Mind.

The first screenshot of Studio Miniboss‘s Marceline adventure.

TheTurnipMaster‘s overhead adventure, which, he notes, just got swords.

Cambrian Man‘s beach-side puzzler.

You can find more of all of this over at the official B.M.O. feed, including playable prototypes like this one by Gold_Ninja, as the last 24 hours counts down.

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  1. Rhys: I totally agree, I’ve wanted someone to think about how that might be A Real Thing since the episode aired. There are still a ton more games we haven’t seen yet, so fingers crossed.

    Jeremy: I’ve been watching this one closely (ie. sitting next to JW & Kitty the whole jam) and it was great from hour one and is only getting way, way better. It looks/feels perfect in motion.

    Liz: Come down & hang out pls.

  2. Rhys & Brandon: I had thought about doing it, but figured it was out of scope for one person to do. I was hoping someone else would give it a shot though.

    By the way I’m the Kiey making the BMO Noire game.

  3. Brandon & Michael: The thing is, that episode is pretty light on the mechanics of how Card Wars works. Anyone looking to actually make a game out of that is going to have a lot of gaps to fill in. Also, any sort of strategic game like this requires relentless refinement to be even remotely balanced. That said I’d totally love to see someone attempt it, could be a whole lot of fun if they did it right.

  4. I remember a while back that Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time, drew a bunch of (non-Adventure Time) assets for anyone to use who was willing to turn them into a video game. I wonder if anybody took him up on it. I can’t remember all the details and didn’t find anything with a google search, but I know I saw him post about it.

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