Brandon Boyer

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It’s now day two, and it was about as smooth a launch as I could’ve hoped for: nearly 1300 Kickstarter backers have now accessed the system, and a very heartening stream of new subscribers joined in throughout the day, so a sincere thanks to everyone for all the support, kind words, and patience with the turbulent pockets of technical hitches that cropped up (especially during The CSS Incident, and any white-outs and blank-bars you may have encountered deep into the night) as we kicked off this mission.

Most importantly, we worked very long into the wee hours to correct the most major of our issues: you’ll now find yourself with a real name on the site, rather than being id’d by email everywhere you went. To that end, you may want to visit your /account page to amend your name, particularly first-name-only backers that now find themselves part of one big happy LastName family.

One-thousand thanks to developer Kevin ‘Kabojnk‘ Mahoney for his tireless assistance on that id issue, especially with the more delirious I got as time passed closer to early-morning, and there are still a few more tweaks we’ll be tackling in the next day or two: minor layout issues, and especially improving the experience of those of you visiting on Chrome on Windows 7, which we’ve seen screenshots of and, yeah, it’s kind of horrifying. We’re on it!

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