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With just two days remaining on their Kickstarter campaign, creator Zach Gage — creator of iPhone essentials Spelltower and Bit Pilot — has given us the drop on the bonus cards that will be included for all backers of Guts of Glory, the post-apocalyptic food-eating-contest boardgame he’s created with designer Jesse Fuchs and illustrator Jess Worby.

Glory‘s not the easiest game to introduce in a few short words, so I’ll let Zach explain it to the uninitiated through the video above, and simply add that it’s one of the smartest new card/boardgame designs I’ve seen in quite some time: an unusually funny and alluring narrative structured in a way that allows for chain-reactions that cause amazing reversals of fortune, and — most importantly — a highly accessible design that welcomes all players.

With these bonus cards — the full versions of which you can see below the fold, with commentary on each by Gage himself — the team have taken the opportunity to delve further into that post-apocalyptic narrative, with Gage adding that each contains “hints to the origins of the savage wasteland Guts takes place in.”

Watch the video above to acclimate yourself to the game, and consider pitching in to the campaign: while the funding has already been successful, the team are well within striking distance to include more bonus cards from an incredible line-up of guest artists, including local favorites Dustin Harbin, Lisa Hanawalt, the previously-featured Sam Bosma and more.

A Cloud
Hard to get much done, what with this weather we got.

Explains Gage: “Every turn, your opponents need to place one of their hard-earned chews on this card, which is great… up until you have to swallow it.”

Must have been important if they put it in this tube.

Explains Gage: “‘Water’ cannot be chewed normally. It gains a chew each time you swallow something, and no other way. It’s worth it though — when you swallow it, you get to down something else with it.”

The Moon
How’d we get that down here anyway?

Explains Gage: “A literal shoot the moon card. At first glance it looks unconquerable, but since you can always double chew it, the best competitors might just have a shot.”

The Desideratum
What’s this old thing?

Explains Gage: “I remember seeing commercials for this one. It must have been nice to get what you wanted whenever you wanted it. People are pretty reasonable with their needs when you get down to it. Should have been a golden age… oh, right… where was I? This one lets you bring back a card from the discard and put it in your mouth when swallowed.”