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2D Boy’s World of Goo is a fast and obvious pick for indie game of the year for myriad reasons, and in the spirit of showing, not telling, fellow indie developer David Rosen of Wolfire picks apart just about damn near every one in this lengthy and very incisive video. Although heavily design oriented, it also makes a smart introductory primer on the game, should you not mind getting a peek at its later levels, but it’s at its best elaborating on all the brilliant little details you intuited but perhaps didn’t explicitly notice.

Design Tour – World of Goo [via IndieGames]

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  1. Cool video. I loved the game as well. That awesome user interface gets pretty damn frustrating sometimes when your chasing some of those “OCD” awards!

  2. Good overview! Another example of great game play, and yet such an inviting interface wrapping complex actions.

    The organic feel of making new segments, or just moving the mouse around really added to things.

  3. This is… Not worth watching.

    Stale, as far as a documentary regarding the mechanics of gaming 101. All of the content is rudimentary and of no use for a game designer.

  4. Awesome video with wonderful insight.

    My only question (slightly rhetorical and mostly introspective) is inline with the comment about literary scholars having a “field day” with the symbolism behind the level design:

    Are these types of achievements completely premeditated or just serendipitous?

    Maybe the author didn’t mean to say anything, but instead knew just the right question to ask.

  5. Downloaded the demo this morning, and had to leave so quickly that I left it running – my 3 year old daughter had just woken up, so I showed her how to stack a goo-ball, and left. My wife told me this afternoon that she played with it all morning, and as soon as they got home from an outing took her coat and shoes off by herself, without asking (which she never does), and proceeded right to the computer and said ‘Goo now?’. That is a good review in my eyes.

  6. is “you have to destroy the head” a tribute to “you have to burn the rope”? if so, this may be my second-favorite indie game of all time.

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