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Though I’m still reserving judgment about how the just announced DLC for Mirror’s Edge will work without true-life guideposts to get my peripheral bearings, what I do like (apart from the gawpingly beautiful plain shapes they’ve created) is that it’s bringing me warm feelings of Super Mario Sunshine‘s secret “void” levels — pure, self-aware videogame environments that exist for no other reason than to play in.

Watch the trailer for the DLC pack, which will be released in late January (with an exclusive additional map for the PS3) at YouTube.

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  1. That’s a bit disappointing. A lot of people seem really keen on the freerunning aspect of the game, and providing that in such a detatched way turns it away from the USP and gives you something more akin to Jumping Flash sans enemies.

  2. Taking it one step further it’s really interesting playing the game with “Runner Vision” turned off. It shows how much more difficult the game actually is (feels more realistic to me).

    I’ll have to see how those glowing arrows in the DLC make me feel about direction and bearing. I have a feeling I’m going to be turned around more than usual.

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