Brandon Boyer

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Right, well, this has instantly become my new favorite web-project: Chris ‘ixalon‘ Warren has pulled some manner of black data-slurping magic (which I’m still trying to piece together, and suspect can’t have come without at least a little assistance from Media Molecule themselves) to create Sackbook, a fully automated social network for LittleBigPlanet.

By visiting Sackbook’s in-game world and leaving a confirmation-code comment on the level, the site will be instantly updated with your friends, hearted levels, and hearted creators, all of which are fully searchable, and accompanied by the photos that get snapped in-game.

It also makes for a much better level browser and discovery tool than flipping through LittleBigPlanet‘s overcrowded and spherical search results, and I suspect will become invaluable as the game evolves and grows as a platform.

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