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The Independent Games Festival has announced its list of finalists for this year’s competition, culminating with this year’s awards show on March 25th. Topping the list of nominations is Q-Games’ fantastic PixelJunk Eden, which nabbed Visual Art, Audio and Technical Excellence spots, as well as Hemisphere Games’ cellular puzzle game Osmos, which earned Technical and Design nominations, as well as a nomination for the overall Seumas McNally Grand Prize.

Other notable entrants include Amanita’s Machinarium, the latest point and click adventure from the maker of the brilliant Samorost series, Between, the Esquire-curated game from Passage creator Jason Rohrer, and high-concept fan-favorite You Have To Burn The Rope from Mazapan.

Hit the jump for the full list of nominations.Seumas McNally Grand Prize:
Blueberry Garden (Erik Svedang)
Osmos (Hemisphere Games)
Carneyvale Showtime (Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab)
Night Game (Nicalis)
Dyson (Rudolf Kremers/Alex May)

Excellence In Visual Art:
Zeno Clash (ACE Team)
PixelJunk Eden (Q-Games)
Machinarium (Amanita Design)
Cletus Clay (TunaSnax)
Feist (Filthy Grip)

Excellence In Audio:
Musaic Box (KranX Productions)
Blueberry Garden (Erik Svedang)
BrainPipe (Digital Eel)
PixelJunk Eden (Q-Games)
Retro/Grade (24 Caret Games)

Excellence In Design:
Retro/Grade (24 Caret Games)
Snapshot (Six AM)
Night Game (Nicalis)
Musaic Box (KranX Productions)
Osmos (Hemisphere Games)

Innovation Award:
Between (Jason Rohrer)
Mightier (Ratloop)
The Graveyard (Tale Of Tales)
Coil (From The Depths)
You Have To Burn The Rope (Mazapan)

Technical Excellence:
PixelJunk Eden (Q-Games)
Cortex Command (Data Realms)
Osmos (Hemisphere Games)
The Maw (Twisted Pixel Games)
Incredibots (Grubby Games)

The 11th Annual Independent Games Festival – Finalists & Winners

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