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In early February, Joel suggested the Boing Boing Internet Action Squad help out an indie dev in need, with new spaceship graphics for Peter Lewis’s iPhone space game Aragom. Fully aware that the Boing Boing Gadgets crosspost quickly collapsed into gnashed-teeth chaos, I’m just wondering aloud here if anyone ever officially got in touch with each other?

I ask this mostly because hiding quietly amongst the din were actually some quite nice suggestions: Felix Mitchell stayed true to Aragom‘s current form but provided some razor sharp and nicely luminescent detail, Tao_Art whipped up a few first 3D attempts, and, my favorite, FunnelBC (as above) took the look and feel in an entirely new direction, with a set of retro illustrated images that would truly set the game apart.

Funnel, Lewis — you guys should totally talk!

Aragom home [Stairways Software, FunnelBC’s wicked Mountain Goats poster]

BBIAS: Let's give this indie iPhone game a better set of spaceship …

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  1. this is fantastic. i love the artwork. would by any game based on it.

    and to be honest, artwork is generally how i judge games, if it looks cool it is usually worth buying.

    zen bound

    it is an indicator of solid development and investment into a game.

  2. Hey that’s me! Look mum, I’m on the internets! Firstly thanks for the kind words Brandon that’s really cool of you say so.

    I would love to develop the idea/graphics a bit more and I didn’t actually email peter as I didn’t want to push what could possibly be a direction he didn’t want to go in. I will however email him now cause I feel the peer pressure!

    I’d also like to add that I could do this 1000% percent better given a wee bit more time!

    Thanks again and chuffed for a bit of nice feedback on the tail end of a very long week :)

  3. Heard nothing from no one after posting my work here. (I’m sure that is not proper grammatically, but I like the evocative tone it sends.)

    To be honest, while I wouldn’t mind collaborating with someone on a project, I am not going to put a ton of work into something before I hear anything from the collaborator. Especially with people having different graphic tastes there is too much potential for wasted effort.